Advisor Friendly Trust Company

An advisor friendly trust company, the only one built just for you, that revolutionizes the client and advisor relationship.

A trust company created by Advisors for Advisors.

Advisors and their clients have so many tasks or goals competing for their attention. Not every one of those tasks or goals come around on a daily basis. Some are emergency situations and others come from left field.

We get that.

If you are a beneficiary of a trust do you want the freedom of choosing who manages the trust assets? If you are an advisor do you want to use a trust company created just for you? Do you want person to person customer service?

Nobody likes dealing with a traditional rigid trust company. We created this trust company for you. Wealth Advisors Trust Company sets the stage for clients and advisors to choose their own financial solutions within a trust. This revolutionizes the client and advisor relationship. Our trust services are easy to use, friendly, simple, and designed to support the advisor, not undermine them.  We are an advisor-friendly trust company.

South Dakota Trust Company


Believing that beneficiaries and advisors should have the power to choose their own financial solutions.


Anticipating the needs and wants of beneficiaries and advisors, for today and tomorrow.


Working together to find solutions efficiently and simply; this revolutionizes the Advisor and client relationship.  

Give us a call. We're great listeners.

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