South Dakota Trust Services – Making Your Life Easier

A Trust Company created by Advisors for Advisors - We get you.

We made this for you: Advisor Friendly Trust Company

A trust company created for advisors;  knocking down the traditional rigid trust company walls.

We find solutions: Custodian Neutral

We can work with almost anyone, no matter where you’re client’s money is held.

We don't compete: Trustee Services

Trustee services are efficient, easy to use, non-interruptive and designed to support the advisor not undermine them.


The advisor provides the financial planning and investment advice. We provide the trust administration as the trust company in South Dakota.

We Solve Problems

Solve individual trustee administrative problems and hassles

You Retain Control

Individual trustee retains control of investment and distribution of trust assets

We Give You Guidance

Provide individual trustee with guidance from a trust officer.


Individual trustee provides the human knowledge, control, and connection with the beneficiary(s).  We provide guidance and knowledge of trust administration.

Award Winning Solution - Custodial Neutral Trusteed IRA

Also know as a SmartIRA™, with a custodial neutral Trusteed IRA, if you change custodians, the assets move with you.

A simple financial planning tool

Creating a financial plan needs to be adaptive to your evolving situation.

My SmartIRA™ Success Stories

Make it a Reality

Make the stretch provision and asset protection a reality for inherited IRAs.


A financial planning tool that gives options to clients and their families to plan for the future on their terms.

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