How a Bank Trustee understands Millennials

A bank trustee works with clients from the WWII to millennial generations.  They generally each have a unique set of characteristics.  Of course, no generation is uniquely the same.  There are variances based on geographic, social, and economic factors.  What makes millennials a somewhat unique group, at least since the WWII generation, are their lives experienced two special situations.  First the integration of technology in everything we do.   Second the break-up and re-structuring of the geopolitical world order after the Cold War.  Millennials and successor generations, like Gen Z, view the world through different experiences and tools than prior generations.  My aha moment came from reading the Urban Institute report on Millennial Homeownership (see page 22).  A bank trustee that understands millennials will provide them and future generations with innovative and collaborative customer services. (more…)

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