Independent Trust Company

What is an Independent Trust Company?

The Independent Trust Company model is evolving. A trust company manages, invests, and administers your trust assets. The services they’re offering and the fees they’re charging are changing to meet demand. Trust company’s are being forced to explore new avenues to innovate. These new factors are due to the 700 years of the stagnant types of corporate trustees. Clients are now able to have more control over who is managing their trust assets.

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Trust Distribution Requests – Now Digital

Asking for money from a corporate trustee usually becomes an unhappy experience. It does not have to be. Everybody has stories about these situations. These trust distribution requests usually become complicated by corporate trustees. It does not have to happen. Why does it happen? This question goes back 400 years. It starts with a trustee’s job of protecting the trust assets. And stodgy belief that paper only processes always yield better client results than balancing digital and paper. Corporate trustees love paper and all things manual. We decided to push the trust industry into the digital age. (more…)

Trust Distributions: Goals, Priorities & Purpose

Trust distribution guidelines in the trust document create the foundation of success or failure. Parents and grandparents must consider how trust distribution definitions fall under the supporting or enabling type.  Having some plan leads to a balanced outcome for current and future generations. 


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