Talis Advisors

The financial adviser firm that never stops thinking

Working with financial advisers, Wealth Advisors Trust Company, experiences all level of knowledge and approaches to financial planning and wealth management. With this in mind, we found that Talis Advisors, an independent financial planning advisor firm, developed unbiased financial planning strategies.  Based in the Dallas suburb of Plano Texas, their client approach stands out.

Client choices for choosing a financial adviser or financial planner number in the tens of thousands.  In general, the search begins with the internet, friends or trusted professionals such as an attorney or accountant.  Most clients desire for their financial adviser location close to their home.  A client should begin the financial adviser search after finding names with  SEC Broker Check.  Wealth Advisors Trust Company does the same check when working advisers.  

Talis Advisors approach to financial adviser services rests on providing a customized design to help clients grow, protect and transfer their wealth.  You would think all financial planning firms use this approach.  As matter of fact, that occurs less frequently than clients realize.   

Looking back over the last decade, clients choose to stay with Talis Advisors as their financial planning advisor because of their principles and values.  They serve a select number of clients.  Their focus centers around the consultative approach, goal-based answers and developing deep relationships with clients.  This firm views transparency and a zero tolerance for any conflicts of interest.  As a fiduciary, clients could not ask for more.

Talis Advisors, as most financial adviser firms, offer portfolio management, comprehensive financial planning, risk management, estate planning and trust services.  A point often overlooked, they add the extra value with employees who have the Certified Financial Planners and a CPA designation.  Their approach to investment management follows time-tested strategies centered around a client’s risk and goal parameters.  Another key point to remember is that Talis Advisors uses firms for their expertise such as Wealth Advisors Trust Company for their trustee services.  Since we do not compete against financial adviser firms, the collaborative process works very well for clients.

Talis Advisors, based in Dallas Texas, offers financial planning centered around clients.  We enjoy working with this firm.


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