Trust Services

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What We Do Best

We were founded to work with Advisors. Our services are collaborative, innovative, fast, and open-book. We have revolutionized the Advisor and Client relationship by giving you the power to choose your financial solutions when working with a corporate trustee.

Corporate Trustee Services

Advisors and their clients have so many tasks or goals competing for their attention. Not every one of those tasks or goals come around on a daily basis. Some are emergency situations and others come from left field.

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Agency Trustee Services

Imagine this: Your spouse or closest friend has just passed away; a very sad scenario. To make things more complicated you have been named as the individual trustee for a bunch of trusts. What does this mean, and what do you do next?

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We have created the SmartIRA™; a revolutionary process which converts IRA’s and ROTH IRA’s into accounts that can replace the impact of pensions and even Social Security.  It is tremendously sophisticated, surprisingly cost-effective and simple to implement.

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A Standard of Excellence

Trust Services include performing trustee and administration functions for a range of different trusts. We have experience in all types of personal trusts, including living trusts (also called revocable trusts), trusts under Wills (also called testamentary trusts), charitable trusts, special needs trusts, dynasty trusts, accumulation trusts (also called gifting trusts), life insurance trusts and asset protection trusts.

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