Wealth Advisors Trust Company

Wealth Advisors Trust Company (WATC) is an independent, corporate trust company located in South Dakota. We partner with attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, investment advisors, insurance agents, wealth managers and family offices as they structure, implement and monitor the life cycle plans of their clients and families. WATC provides directed and delegated trustee, trust administration and back-office services and solutions for advisors' clients, both individuals and families. Rather than competing with professional advisors, WATC works with professional advisors, assisting them in achieving their clients' financial goals. WATC's approach allows clients and their families to maintain deep, longstanding relationships with their trusted professional advisors for multiple generations.

WATC was organized in South Dakota to provide clients with the many advantages afforded trusts under South Dakota law, such as no state income or capital gains tax, unlimited duration trusts, self-settled asset protection trusts, and simplified trust decanting and modification. WATC can generally serve as trustee or co-trustee of trusts from any state, even if the grantor and beneficiaries do not reside in South Dakota. We can work with professional advisors who custody assets at almost any custodian across the country.

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